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August 27

In 1988 I bought Egyptian   cotton towels while stationed in the Sinai.  I still have these towels and they are in great condition.  Authentic Egyptian cotton is hard to find in Canada so when I saw Hazem at Port Credit I had to add to my collection.  These towels are fantastic!


Port Credit Boat Show

Just wanted to let you know how much we like your towels.

Recently, my newborn son was having his picture taken. We were looking for an appropriate background. My wife brought out the new towels that we purchased from you. The photographer loved the look and of course we wanted something really soft and safe for my son’s skin.
We haven’t got the pictures back yet but all I can tell you is that my son was very comfortable laying on them.

We wish you every success in your business.

Dale MacIsaac

Algonquin Career Academy


I bought a towel from you on July 2 2010 and you asked for a report on it. It's soft and dense and has remained so after washing. I washed it at cool setting on the machine as you advised. I used Shaklee Fresh Laundry and some Calgon as the water where I live contains a lot of lime. From what I observed it is colourfast. It was too humid to line dry it, so I put it in the dryer at moderate heat. It came out nice and fluffy. I did notice quite a bit of fluff in the lint trap. Maybe it's better line dried. I think I'll be quite happy with it.

Yours truly.

Martha Toole- Toronto

Hi Hazem,

Yes I have tried your towels. Dan and I both enjoy them very much! The size of them are great cause they are oversized and the texture of them are so soft against your skin. I'm heading off for a much needed vacation this weekend, I will be in Cuba for the next week and I will be sure to bring my new towel along with me.
Thanks again and good luck!

Thalia - Toronto

July 02

Hi Hazem!

Enjoyed your talk on Egyptian cotton today at the harbour front. Why don't you create a Facebook page with the same content as this website, I'm sure it will be popular. And I'm looking forward to fine linen collection:) Good luck!




These towels of yours are great! They are very soft, extremely absorbent and light weight. When I use a regular towel and dry my hair it takes quite a while before it stops dripping; with yours a few small rubs and all the excess water is gone. It's almost like using a shammy. The colours available also add the wow factor to the bathroom decor. You'll need to bring in other products such as bed sheets, face cloths, hand towels etc so I can get rid of the old stuff.  Thanks for introducing me to 100% Egyptian Cotton.


June 30

Hi Hazem!

I bought Egyptian cotton towel 3 weeks ago from you. Its amazing. Its not easy to find this fine quality in Canada. Especially for me, I like every think to be 100 % cotton. 
After I bought this towel I called Hazem to thank him for bringing this staff and I ordered 3 more towel to my family.
Hopeful one day we find this quality of your product everywhere in Canada.

Mohamed Nawar

Hi Hazem,

Thank you for introducing me to the real Egyption cotton towels.They are awesome. All my friends that got the towels for presents from me, just adore them, especially the quality. The softness and color durability of the towels are great too.


June, 29


I like every thing that is made of egyptian cotton, The towel I purchased from you last week is extermly soft and durable. I strongly recommend it for every family household. Colors are bright and texture quality is excellent.

Hany Allam

June 28


I really like the towels.I love the texture, design and the colour is perfect, infact I use it in my salon. I like to tell you that customers like the softness and the feeling of the towels. 
MOD Nails Salon&Spa

June 24,

To my friend Hazem,

Just wanted to let you know that I couldn't wait to use my new towel last night...so we turned on the splash-pad in the backyard and the kids jumped in. When it was time to dry off I brought out 2 towels...I wrapped my 2 year old daughter in one of our regular towels and she said "No Mommy, I want the soft one..." Just goes to show you kids never lie!! We are looking forward to using our soft, new towels this summer to dry off after the pool and the beach. Thank you for the excellent product and great price.Smile

Daniella Capano

June 24,

The towels are soo soft. My son has fallen in love with the Real Egyptian cotton. I noticed that the colour still remains very bright and does not fade! I love it!

Sierra H

June 22,


These towels are amazing! I took mine with me on a recent trip to Arizona and EVERYONE wanted to know where I got this huge and super soft towel!

The colours are brilliant and the feel is even better...thank you!

Sarah Olson, Algonquin Careers Academy

June 12

Hi Hazem,

After having the opportunity to own REAL EGYPTIAN COTTON bed sheets, I cant wait to get my hands on some beach towels! After many washes the texture and durability is still amazing! and I must add the colors are wonderful :)

Danielle M

June 05,

Hi Hazem,
You came to the school with samples of your towels and I fell in love with the feel of the cotton.   I bought one for my daughter's trip to Cuba, she absolutely loved the pattern and the immediate warmth after being wet from the ocean.  Sincing owing the towel I have washed it many times, the quality remaining strong and the colours bold. I will be buying one for each family member.
Thank you

Algonquin Careers Academy

May 22,


The towels are beautiful! I have not had the chance to use them as of yet, but I know from experience that towels made from egyptian cotton straight from Egypt are amazing. I am saving the new "summer edition" towels I recently purchased from you for my trip to Texas. Thank you for introducing me to REAL Egyptian cotton, I love it!




Hi Hazem!

Thank you very much for letting me understand the famous of Egyptian cotton. I am very satisfied with your products.

I look forward to buying from you again soon, for sure!

Porto Alegre - Brazil